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Last Update: 27 November, 2010 - Tokyo/Japan

Andy Pellick on Fuerzabruta, Youtube VIDEOS-

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    "I want to be in that pool every night," laughs Andy Pellick, one of the male performers. "It is a lot to learn. It’s a lot more dangerous than you would expect, not because the Mylar is going to break, but [because] there are four people and it’s very slippery and there’s water and you just have to be aware of everything going on. But it’s so much fun."

    But is the cast ready to be leered at through a thin sheet of plastic? "My boyfriend is nervous for me," Pellick jokes. "It’s fascinating because doing the piece it’s not sexy at all."
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Recent Credits: Fuerzabruta, Tarzan, La Cage AUx Folles, Wicked (original cast), Dance of the Vampires, The Polar Express, De La Guarda, EFX (understudy to Mr. Tommy Tune) and the "VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards." (more)

Yuka and Andy

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Yuka and Andy

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