90210 TOUR 1998 / 17-22 July 1998

This tour was arranged by famous travel agent of Japan. I heard that about 200 people joined in this tour! Our group B arrived at LAX in 17th July. Our main tourist route was the exterior of building on 90210. WBH,CU Casa Walsh and Dylan's house...etc...
Jennie And Special event in this tour was party at the REGENT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL. Jennie was invited as special guest. I prepared a gift for Jennie. It is my handmade booklet. These cards are message from Jennie's Japanese fans who could not join in this tour.
cover inside1 inside2




05at the Jonnie Rockets Beverly Hills

06Spelling Entertainment office

07Entrance to PPAD

08Casa Walsh

09Location,Venice Beach(98/7/20)

10Location,Venice Beach(98/7/20)

11Location,Venice Beach(98/7/20)

11Location,Venice Beach(98/7/20)