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  • (2004/5) I went to see Luke in London.
  • (2004/3) I was one of the organizer to throw the party with Jason in LA.
Los Angeles
2004/03: Jason, I was one of the organizer to throw the party with him in LA.
2001/04: Shannen
I went to see filming location of Charmed and
Shannen gave me a big hug!
She directed for the final episode of 3rd.
2001/01: Jennie
2000/11: Jennie,Tori,TAT
2000/05: Viewing Party for the series final in Hollywood
yuka appeared on FOX11 & SITE
2000/03: Jennie, Luke, Shannen
1999/07: Jason
1998/07: Jennie
Ian, Jason and Jennie
I had run into Ian in b-hills, I went to see filming location and
met Jason and Jen. Also my friend showed me around the
filming set in Van Nuys.
New York
2001/07: Luke Musical, Rocky Horror Show
London, UK
2004/05: Luke Play, When Harry Met Sally
2000/05: Jason Play, SiDEman
2003/07: Ian
2000/08: Jason
2000/07: Jennie