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About late Former Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe.

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・「The Emperor Showa.-----The last school fellow」・ ・ Scout Stamps Exhibition Station in Nippon Jamboree of Former Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe , a certain day ・

About late Former Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe.

About late Former Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe.(1901〜2005)

 As for the Former Chif Scout, He was died at 103 years old on 17 (2005) Heisei age July 23s.

A Boy Scout service career of late Former Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe.

 He is born in 34 (1901) Meiji age December 25s and, at the age of 17 years old, inherits the earls,He receives education of director Nogi in The Gakushuin. ( The Peer's School.) as three (1928) Showa years,
a younger student of each President Mr.Michiharu, Mishima and Saburo, Matsukata at the Gakushuin. (The Peer's School.),It was director of Tokyo alliance Shonendan, an encounter with Boy Scout Movement.
He completed a Boy Scout and wolf Cub part department of Boy Scouts of Japan Council's Training Course in five (1930) Showa years.
He serves it as the staff of Training course of Boy Scouts of Japan、He took office as nine (1934) Showa years, a member of Boy Scouts of Japan deliberation and participated in Australian National Jamboree as the Japan Mission head in November, the same year.
He takes office as nine (1934) Showa years, Director Boy Scouts of Japan ,It was taken office as Director of Empire Shonendan Society.

He participated as one of five executive officers of a Mission of Japan and Germany young people interchange as Boy Scouts of Japan and a representative of Empire Shonendan Society in 13 (1938) Showa years.

He takes commission by social education situation investigation of each Europe country from the Education Ministry and visits Germany, Italy and France and after return home, takes an important post of the government,
was elected Representative a member of State-Councilor, and, in 18 (1943) Showa years, it was expected that I worked hard at affairs of state.

He declined a title of an earl with other member of State-Councilor after the World War II in 21 (1949) Showa years, and a noble member of the Diet resigned, too.
He successively held Senior Adviser Boy Scouts of Japan Foundation, a Director, a Councilor, an Elder with the Boy Scout Movement rebuilding at the same time.
It was done recommendation than a General Commissioner in an annual General Meeting of 49 (1974) Showa years by the seventh Chif Scout,
He formed a Boy Scout Club and he was taken office as after the sixth Saburo, Matsukata charges Chif Scout.

He was elected World Scout Committee globally as the Asia and Pacific Region Boy Scout Committee from 48 (1973) Showa years.
He was elected from 48 (1973) Showa years by World Scout Committee and had a big footprint for Director of World Scout Foundation, the Vice-chief Director , Japanese Boy Scout Movement and World Scout Movement.
In addition, it was wide that buckwheat noodles of His Imperial Highness (the Emperor Showa) had as one of the Emperor Showa of the school fellows from kindergarten ( in The Peer's School.) those days, and Akira,Watanabe Chif Scout was known, and showed excellent character; may ask you it.
< The above: Refer than 「 History of Japanese Boy Scout Movement ー II 」.>

Mr.Chiaki of a grandfather of Akira, Watanabe Chif Scout works with Lord Steward of the Household, and grandparents of the mother's side are Iwao,Oyama which raised distinguished military service by Russo-Japanese War.
And is Mrs.Sutematu,Oyama of the woman foreign student whom the first country sent out abroad (former name Mr.Yamakawa.),

Mr.Chiaki, Watanabe and the second son with Mrs.Sawako,Watanabe, (the eldest daughter of Mr. Titaro,Obata ) are Mr.Chiharu, Watanabe.
The second son with Mr.Chiharu, Watanabe and Mr.Iwao,Oyama child (four girls of Mr.Iwao,Oyama) is Mr.Akira,Watanabe.

As for him, origin of Boy Scouts of Japan Chif Scout, a former member of State-Councilor, a former earl are chosen as "a partner" of aristocratic posterity (the Emperor Showa) of the Emperor Meiji at the age of a Kindergarten in Gakushuin ( The Peer's School.) and go to an Aristocratic Posterity Temporary Palace of Akasaka.

It is said that I studied it by the cause of Mr.Marosuke, Director Nogi as a school fellow at the elementary course in The Gakushuin. ( The Peer's School.)
Mr.Akira.Watanabe which was Representative noble joins Boy Scouts of Japan council by invitation of Mr.Yoshinori, Futahara and Mr.Michiharu, Mishima way positive that were a fellow worker member of State-Councilor in those days。

In addition, he states that the director assumption of office of Empire Shonendan Society was invitation of Representative noble Mr. Iwakusu Ida of an uncle.( Depends to hear it )
Mr. Iwakusu Ida was a committee member of a Shonendan supporter's association establishment committee (preparations for association of Empire Shonendan Society).
In addition, was an ex-serviceman and A member of State-Councilor   - - -< Quote than 「 The history of Shonendan. 」>

Mr. son eldest son Watanabe Makoto of Former Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe is Imperial Household Agency Grand Chamberlain.

A Corporate Judicial Person; In addition, it was taken office as the chief director of a A Councilor's friend club. ( Shoyu Kurabu.).

He was a member of a Japanese Old Scout Club。

A Prize ; As for him, He was won The Junior grade of the Third Court Rank in 19 (1944) Showa years,A Blue-Ribbon Medal in 44 (1969) Showa years, and The Second Order of Merit in 50 (1975) Showa years,
won A Bronze Wolf Prize than 52 (1977) Showa years,Boy Scout World Conference,
and was won A Service Prize " Pheasant Chapter ( Kigi Service Prize ) " than 53 (1978) Showa years, Boy Scouts of Japan.

In Scout Stamp Exhibition Station in the sixth Nippon Jamboree (Chitosebara in Hokkaido ).
The scene where I ( Sakashita.) tell about explanation of a Boy Scout-related stamp to Chif Scout Akira,Watanabe, Toshio Yamada Kanagawa Prefecture commissioner, Mr. Masahide, Toyohide . (: Japan Council Security committee chairperson) in Scout Association of Japan Council. ).

「 The Emperor Showa ---- last school fellow - - - - -The first century of the nobility having.」 Book of written by Meiko Kuno. - - - - -A description of life that I did mainly on Mr.Akira,Watanabe.

------ The reason why the uncle ( Mr.Akira ,Watanabe. Chif Scout) drove it to Boy Scout activity is that there was a strong wish to want the human being who had an international field of vision to be able to keep company with with people of what country equally in the wide world to bring up without remaining in only a Japanese small country to the young people who carry the Japanese future on their back.

He can improve English if I do communication with people of the whole world in English through Internet more positively from now on and the body is accompanied by a theoretical intellectual power and says that it is killing two birds with one stone.
And may run that I was made to hear a story about stupidity of direct war for Boy Scout Movemwent to aim for world peace and the international interchange activity that an uncle still inclined passion from Mr.Iwao,Oyama concerned of Russo-Japanese War.

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