5. Chie's Voices すずめ「チー」のことばのいくつかを紹介します
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Chie's Voice 1(1,016K)
Chie's Voice 2(2MB)
Chie's Voice 3(384K)
Chie's Voice 4(784K)
Chie's Voice 5(1.3MB)
She is lonely. So she is calling me. I am in the kitchen to make her breakfast.
She often uses this Japanese word "ha-i" to communicate with me. "Ha-i" is "yes" in English.
She is behaving like a baby to me.
She is violently calling me. I am outside.
Our daily morning conversation
Chie's Voice 6(1.3MB)
Chie's Voice 7((2.3MB)
Chie's Voice 8(4.3MB)
She is angry because I am speaking to Ann.
She gets irritated a little and is calling me. I am in the kitchen to make her breakfast.
She is calling me a little lonesomely. I am in the kitchen to make her breakfast.
Chie's Voice 1
Chie's Voice 2
Chie's Voice 3
Chie's Voice 4
Chie's Voice 5
Chie's Voice 6
Chie's Voice 7
Chie's Voice 8
From Chie & Masao's Album
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Chie taught me many things. There is no size, large and small, about life. We have to live as hard as possible, as long as there is a life. Even if we run the risk of our lives, we have to love each other. We have to trust each other from the bottom of our heart. Death is a part of life. There is love which exists forever. The language which can understand each other exist. We were very happy when we were together, even if we did not mutually say anything. It is the same now.
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