0801 Next, about Ann. - 026
0802 Several days after Ann comes to my house, he began to cry like a dog , saying "Ann Ann". - 027
0803 So I named him Ann. - 028
0804 About Kuro. - 029
0805 Because the color of her body was black, I named her Kuro. - 030
0806 "Kuro" is "black" in English. - 031
0807 When Chie was a baby, I sometimes brought her up in my left hand. - 032
0808 Therefore, after her growing, she sometimes demands to sleep in my hand by pecking the finger of my hand. - 033
0809 She always demands not my right hand but my left hand. - 034
0810 When the position of the finger of my hand is bad, she begins to get angry pecking my finger, as if she is saying, "It is different from the usual position." - 035
0811 When the shape of my fingers becomes usual, she sleeps comfortably for a while. - 036
0812 Until she feels that she wants to go to the toilet.
0813 When she is angry with me, she protests to me, saying "Jijiji, Jijiji" as if she is saying "I am angry". - 038
0814 Attaching her wings to both the sides tightly, turning the direction of her body to me, raising her face up and narrowing her body. - 039
0815 Her protest is performed only when I am taking care of Ann. - 040
0816 She shows me the jealousy clearly. - 041
0817 Her jealousy is frightful. - 042
0818 Chie taught me an important thing. - 043
0819 It is "Live hard." - 044
0820 Chie is always alive hard. - 045
0821 She is alive together with me. - 046
0822 Recently, Chie seems to be a human. - 047
0823 She is the same existence as me. - 048
0824 "To be alive" is "to exist". - 049
0825 The size of the body is quite unrelated for "Existence". - 050
0826 About "Existence", human's words do not influence at all. - 051
0827 The living things have the common languages which were given by God. - 052
0828 There is a language which all of living things can understand. - 053
0829 We exist forever. - 054
0830 The death is only one process of it. - 055
0831 When Ann is playing with water near the receptacle which is full of water, Chie comes and starts bathing in it.
0832 Though Ann is surprised at first,he bathes near the receptacle by the water that Chie is splashing. - 057
0833 Because he can't put himself into the water, he is under the water which Chie is splashing violently, and he begins to swell his body out, to expand the wing, and to flap the wings. - 058
0834 When I am using the mouse of the computer, Chie is enjoying herself going into my left sleeve and coming out.
0835 When I was running slowly on the bicycle road by bicycle, a lot of sparrows were flocking in a tree which all of the leaves dropped. - 060
0836 And they were loudly doing "Communications before getting to sleep". - 061
0837 Because Chie came to my place at once after her birth, she doesn't know the group which says, "sparrow".
0838 It seems that she is regarding as her friend a bird(herself) which reflects like the mirror on the glass of the television stand and on the front board of the piano.
0839 Seeing it, I think her to be pitiful. - 064
0840 Chie always exchanges greetings with me before her sleeping like the sparrows which were in the tree. "Jijiji, Jijiji, Jijiji, Jijiji" - 065
0841 I selected the next records from "Chie & Masao's Diary". - 066
0842 Wednesday, December 3, 2003 As soon as I brought Ann to the south room in the morning, Chie is waiting for Ann in the room, there was a terrible fight in the air. Chie was bitten in the left leg by Ann, she bled and she crouched. - 067
0843 I immediately applied an ointment to her leg and I stanched blood. I used "Mensoratam" as the ointment. Because Chie had not eaten breakfast yet, I had her eat food and drink water, on my shoulder. - 068
0844 Because she doesn't try to stay anywhere except my shoulder, I was with her, and nursed her until she slept in the evening. As if I am bringing up a baby bird, I gave food, water, and the apple every about 45 minutes. She was sitting on my shoulder when I was sitting. - 069
0845 And she was sitting on the inside of my right shoulder when I was sleeping on the bed because I was tired. When I had to go out of the room by the reason of a toilet and so forth, she was keeping standing on my pillow unstably because of the pain and she was waiting for me to come. - 070
0846 When I came back to the room and signaled 0K to her, she immediately flew and came to my shoulder. As you know, the leg of the sparrow is more slender than a match. If her leg was bitten by the beak of Ann, it is easily bitten off. - 071
0847 It is necessary to put Ann in the bird cage from tomorrow. If I was putting him in the bird cage, immediately when Ann began to attack me, Chie was not wounded. I regretted my sweet attitude. - 072
0848 Thursday, December 4, 2003 I got up at 5 AM. Though yesterday's nursing tiredness considerably remained, I got up, and began to make her breakfast, saying, "Today is an important day for her". I prepared the meal of a baby bird today, and gave it three times to her.
0849 To my delight, Chie ate a lot of food, and drank water. I was surprised at her vitality now. And while I am looking at Chie who is making an effort to live, I couldn't stop tears. In spite of myself, I thanked God. The part which was bitten by Ann yesterday had blackened. - 074
0850 Because of the slender leg which seems to break at any moment, I was worried that neither the blood vessel nor the nerve can work and the whole leg may die. - 075
すずめの写真 17
Sparrow's Photos 17