0451 She usually drinks two mouthful water from the receptacle so that man will drink water with the straw. - 53
0452 When I speak to Chie from the kitchen after I put Ann to sleep, "Chie-chan! It's your turn. Now, let's sleep!", she begins to shout in a big voice, on the music stand of the table.
0453 This is our daily greeting before sleeping. - 55
0454 When she is disinclined or when she is unpleasant, she changes the direction of her body. - 56
0455 She shows me her feelings frankly. - 57
0456 When I have socks on and I'm sitting on the floor, she goes to the back of my foot and is pleasantly pecking my sock. - 58
0457 When she is on my shoulder, she is sometimes pulling my hair pleasantly. - 59
0458 She sometimes pecks the cross hung on my neck.
0459 I think she saw the behavior of Ann and learned it.
0460 Chie was carefully watching the behavior of Ann.
0461 She learned and imitated his behavior. - 63
0462 Then she regarded him as the rival of love and approached me. - 64
0463 In a word, I did not train Chie but she has approached me at the will of her. - 65
0464 At first, Ann was always on my shoulder, and did not leave there. - 66
0465 She was carefully looking at it near us. - 67
0466 One day, she came flying toward me, screaming loudly. - 68
0467 Though I had thought that she attacked me as she was angry, it was not so. - 69
0468 She only wanted to get on my shoulder like Ann.
0469 I could understand it later. - 71
0470 Chie who sent Ann away and is exulting in her victory
0471 The fingers of the right foot of Chie are only two. Of course, there were four fingers when she was a baby. - 1
0472 She has lost two fingers because of sickness. Therefore, there is no perch in my room. - 2
0473 The places on which she can stay, are two music stands, the table and the floor. - 3
0734 After I thought variously, I decided to put dry clays as many as possible on various places. Because I thought that it is good for the foot of Chie. - 4
0475 This seems to have been good for Chie. She likes to be on the clays. - 5
0476 This is the armchair only for Chie. - 1
0477 There are four hollows on the chair. - 2
0478 She always takes a nap in the inside of them. - 3
0479 She is anxious because Ann is on the upper part of the chair. - 4
0480 This is Chie on the synthesizer covered with cloths.
0481 In the morning, I put food, water, and fruits for Chie and Ann on the synthesizer, like other places. - 02
0482 I give food which I blended various things. - 03
0483 At the first time, I mix bird food with husks, and the bird food with which husks were removed. - 04
0484 I add canary seed, hemp seed, the food for parrots, calcium pellet, egg pellet, greens pellet, dry fruit food, vitamin pellet, the food for old dogs to it, mix them and give to Chie and Ann. - 05
0485 The dog food is for Chie. - 06
0486 About water, I make tap water to alkaline water through water purifier, add a small amount of vitamin solution, and give to Chie, Ann and Kuro. - 07
0487 About fruit, I cut an orange and a tomato into one fourth, cut an apple into one eighth, and give them. - 08
0488 Additionally, I give Qinggengcai(Chinese vegetables) and bean seedlings. - 09
0489 I put whole Qinggengcai and bean seedlings (were entered in the receptacle full of water) on the table. - 10
0490 She likes hemp seed very much. - 11
0491 Chie who is going to drink water - 12
0492 She usually drinks two or three mouthful water. - 13
0493 Ann who is on the synthesizer - 1
0494 He is still one years old. - 2
0495 When Ann came to my house, he was in the crisis situation. He did not eat food and did not drink water all day long. - 3
0496 I thought that I may make him die if he is in the present condition. And then, I decided to telephone in order to have him taken back to the shop. - 4
0497 However, on the next day, I did not have to return him to the shop because he ate food, and had begun to drink water. - 5
0498 Ann is obstinate like Chie. He frankly shows me his feelings like her. He sings various melodies together with my whistle. - 6
0499 Chie on the chair only for her. - 01
0500 She is looking at her friend who reflected in the board of the piano. Of course, it is herself. - 02
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