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Origami 7
Tsuru no On-gaeshi
(A Repaying Crane)
Part Two:
The wife wove the material again and again. The hunter came to live in comfort. However, little by little, his wife got thinner. One day, she said that she could weave the fabric no longer. She was weak. Her husband had learned greed, and asked her to weave once more. At last she was persuaded and started to weave again.
She did not come out of the weaving hut on the third day. Three days passed. The hunter got worried, and finally broke their promise and peeked into the weaving hut. To his surprise, it was not a woman but a crane that was weaving fabric.
The next morning, his wife came out from the weaving hut with the last fabric in her hands. She said, “you have seen my true form, so I cannot stay with you any longer.” And then, she turned into a crane and flew away, leaving the hunter crying.