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Mac offering

Kaleida Graph Macro tips (in Japanese)
Introduction of Kaleida Graph macros. Here are macros for calculation of autocorrelation and for translation from position to angle.
Original calculator "Tai-Calc." (in Japanese)
A cool calculator. You will get answer just by writing equations and clicking run ! For mac only. Coded with Real Basic.
Original calculator "Tai-Calc.2" (in Japanese)
Modified tai-calc. Multiple equations are available in this version. Hexadecimal can be used (expressed as $XX).
Extended NIH image the image processing program. MultiRoi, realtime centroid & intensity calculation et.al. are added. Binary and source are available (coded with pascal: You need "Code Warrior" to compile).

Infinite Linux

Super / subscript enabled magicpoint
Magicpoint is a great presentation tool. However, this does not have ability to write super/sub script. Here is the solution !
Bash & perl scripts
Bash&perl scripts.

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