CREST Image, the real time, multi-function image processor
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System requirement

  1. Macintosh with PowerPC (>250MHz recommended)
  2. MacOS8.0-8.6
  3. PCI-bus and LG-3 for realtime calculation


Realtime analysis

The realtime functions are available in the "MultiRoiCapture" mode (/RealtimeY/MultiRoiCapture). You can capture images from 50 Rois (region of interest) and calculate centroid, intensity et al... simultaneously. Menubar is on the right side of the capture screen.
  1. NewRoi: make a new roi. Grab the roi and move it with mouse. Active roi is drawn with double-line. Any roi can be activated by clicking. Size is changed by grabbing the right/bottom corner.
  2. KillRoi: Delete an active Roi.
  3. Option : Setting for realtime measurements/captures.
    Number of frames : up to 167000
    Capture : save image files and results of calculations in files with the same name except for extention (*.tif, *.txt). The program records the time each frame captured in microseconds precision.
  4. Lowth : Toggle lower threshold on/off for centroid calculation.
  5. Up/Down: Change lower threshold level.
  6. Size : Change width and height of all Roi. You can hold size by activating "HoldSize" mode.
  7. Movie : Clicking "Movie" button makes it ready for captures/meausrements. Captures/Measurements start by clicking and stop by command-period.
Known problems in the realtime analysis.
  1. Captureing tends to fail with more than 300x300-pixels Roi.
  2. Bad mouse response. You need to hold click more than 1 frame (30ms).

Stack analysis (StackY menu)

  1. Centroid calculation(StackY/calc/centroid), average intensity (StackY/calc/average), average intensity of 4 maximum pixels (StackY/calc/Max4), anisotropy (StackY/calc/anisotropy).
  2. Up to 50 ROIs can be used in the "multiRoi" mode (StackY/multiRoi or command-B).
    XY-coordinates of spots obtained by Particle analyzer (/Stacks/ParticleAnalyzer: find spots automatically) can be imported. All functions available in this mode is written in "RoiInfo" window on the right/bottom corner of your screen.
  3. Jump to a given frame (StackY/JumpToSlice or command-J).


  1. Read uncompressed AVI, Hamamtsu photonics Image format (File/Open).


Manual and other documentations by Dr. K.Shimaukuro (in Japanese)
Thanks, Shimabukuro-kun.


source (compressed with LZH)
Crest Image 162-105¡Êmac-binary)

Change log

Version 162-105
2001.12.10 Fixed a bunch of bugs related to JumpToSlice in YStack menu.


A lot :-) Please report if you find bugs.